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Conferences of Joseph Preston Baratta, PhD

“World Government or Global Governance?  The United Nations in Historical Perspective,” Conference on U.N. Reform, Turin, Italy, 7-8 June 2007.


“The Historic World Federalist Movement, 1939–2005: Theses and Accomplishments,” New England Historical Association Conference, Man­chester, NH, 5 May 2007.


“The Politics of World Federation,” Poster, American Historical Association, Philadelphia, 7 January 2006.


“California in the History of the World Federalist Movement,” Annual Meeting, Democratic World Federalists, San Francisco, 3 March 2005.


“The Complementarity of the Thinking of Kant and Hamilton in the United States,” Conference on the Founders of Federalism, Turin, 26-27 November 2004.


“The United Nations Millennium Summit (September 2000),”  Faculty Forum, Worcester State College, 26 January 2001.


“The International Federalist Movement: Organized and Aspiring.”  Conference on the History of Federalism after Fifty Years, Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations, Georgetown University, 22 June 1997.


"Implications of Declining Absolute National Sovereignty for Global Education."  Conference on Education and Globalization, Boston, 31 March 1995.


"The International Authority behind Peacekeeping."  Third Global Structures Convocation, Washington, DC, 5 February 1994.


"From Self-Determination to Interest in Union:  U.S. Foreign Policy in Response to Ethnic Conflict, Secession Movements and Rising Nationalism in Eastern Europe and the World."  Council on International Relations, Santa Fe, NM, 24 October 1992.


"The Kellogg-Briand Pact:  A Positive Appraisal."  New England Historical Association, Worcester Polytech, Worcester, MA, 19 April 1991.


"The Founding of the World Movement for World Federal Government at Montreux in 1947."  Third Lothian Memorial Conference, Oxford University, 29 March 1990.

"Mondialisme and United Nations Reform."  Ibid.


"Internationalism since 1945."  Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, 15 June 1989.


"Heroism, Idealism, Realism:  The History of International Education."  Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ, 5 August 1985.


"Grenville Clark:  Advocate of Limited World Government for the Control of Atomic and Other Weapons, 1944-1946."  SHAFR, Washington, DC, 5 August 1983.

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